Huffman Masonic Lodge No. 1428

The Worshipful Master's Goals


My goals for the ensuing year are aligned with these two predecessors as I wish to continue develop and implement our financial stability plan. This plan includes additional fundraising in order to provide continued support for our community and relief for this Lodge. We have also developed an “Evergreen Plan” to provide some financial stability in perpetuity. 

When I contemplate the real purpose of this Lodge, it’s easy to come up with superficial answers such as serving our community, making good men better, brotherhood and the like. These things are important and we will continue all of those things, but when you really drill down to the purpose of this Lodge, the answer becomes very clear. It is to make Master Mason’s!

Our Grand Master has been very clear with his message this year. “Replace yourself once, twice, thrice”

By focusing our efforts on making Master Mason’s, everything else takes care of itself. We make good men better, we serve our community more effectively, our brotherhood grows and thrives.

My message and theme for this year is pretty simple…..More especially a Brother Mason. 

When we focus on taking care of our own house, we become more effective of helping those in need. A wish man once told me, ‘A rising tide raises the level of all ships”!

Brother Faetche, as I close, I want to Thank You for this journey. I could not have done this without you. You are my rock! You have always been there to support me  and my family from the beginning of this, until now. You are the epitome of a Mason and someone that I look up too. 

 I leave you with this…..Psalms 133:1…..Behold, How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.